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Speedy justice through concentration of expertise

Today, businesses and individuals rely on courts of law that can meet the demand for high-quality, efficient and fast adjudication, even in the most specialised matters. In North Rhine-Westphalia, we respond to this by being the first German state to concentrate legal cases that involve industry, commerce and cutting-edge technologies in a few courts as expertise hubs.

  • Disputes relating to mergers and acquisitions, with an amount in controversy exceeding 500,000 euros are heard in Düsseldorf Regional Court or the State Supreme Court for the Düsseldorf Circuit
  • Disputes relating to information technologyor media technology, with an amount in controversy exceeding 100,000 euros are heard exclusively in Cologne Regional Court or the State Supreme Court for the Cologne Circuit
  • Disputes relating to renewable energy with an amount in controversy exceeding 100,000 euros are heard in the Essen and Bielefeld Regional Courts or the State Supreme Court for the Hamm Circuit).

This deliberate specialisation is designed to strengthen and safeguard the quality of justice in these important and forward-looking areas, despite their ever growing complexity.

At the same time, we are creating the proper framework for the judiciary to be able to adjust, when managing a case, to the needs of the parties in the best possible way.  The Court is free to hold parts of the proceedings in camera to protect the confidentiality of commercial or taxpayer information. At the request of the parties, complete confidentiality may even be ensured in Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures.

Competence Centres

Mergers and Acquisitions

Düsseldorf: Mergers & Acquisitions

Going forward, legal cases which involve large mergers and acquisitions will be heard in the Düsseldorf courts. Both Regional and Supreme Court have, in recent years accumulated considerable expertise in commercial law. The establishment of a speciality jurisdiction to deal with M&A cases is now taking these capabilities to the next level.

Informationstechnologie und Medientechnik

Cologne: Information and Media Technology

In Cologne, already an IT and media hub, we are setting up specialised court sections to deal with cases involving information and communication technology. This is, quite literally, doing justice to Cologne’s role in the digital revolution and the startup culture in North Rhine-Westphalia and beyond.

Erneuerbare Energien und Umweltwirtschaft

Bielefeld and Essen: Renewable Energy

Climate protection and energy transition are the big challenges of our time. Unsurprisingly, these challenges have a legal dimension, too. The concentration of expertise enables our courts of law to adjudicate disputes in this field with the usual aplomb and speed.