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European E-Justice

Are you interested in going to court or taking a look into the business registers?

You want to get some information about the european law? That's the right way. In this portal can you get information about your way to which law court. If you would like to take a business beyond national borders have a look in the business register. If you want information about family law: These rules vary from country to country, as they are closely linked to the history culture and social development of each nation. Please have a look.

The European e-Justice Portal is conceived as an electronic "one-stop-shop" which provides you with information on European justice systems and judicial procedures. The Portal is targeted at citizens, businesses, legal practitioners and the judiciary. Citizens shall enjoy the same access to justice in other Member States as they would in their own and the European e-Justice Portal contributes in a practical way to the removal of barriers, such as providing information in 22 languages and a wealth of links to relevant websites and documents.