Source: BLB NRW, Photographer Florian Beckers

The legal system at your fingertips!

The judicial system in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia on the Internet.

The Justice Portal of North Rhine-Westphalia was developed within the project of Justiz-Online. It offers one of the state's most extensive websites with about 70,000 pages, 8 online procedures, 5 online databases and several million visits to the pages per month.

With the large amount of information provided on the websites of Justiz-online, the state emphasizes its competence in the field of new media. The legal database for federal and state law made available within this Internet portal is one of the most comprehensive collections of German legal texts on the Web and provides access to approx. 3,000 laws and regulations. Germany's largest case-law database with nearly 70.000 legal decisions shall complement the Online Legal Library provided within the web presence of the judiciary.

We are pleased that you are interested in the judicial system of North Rhine- Westphalia and would like to invite you to take a further look at our different services. We hope you will understand that the English web presentation can only provide a brief overview of the comprehensive material which is available on our German internet pages.