Bibliothek des Oberverwaltungsgerichts Münster

Legal Library

Everything dealing with law: acts, regulations and judgements in the NRW Justice Portal

In addition to links to laws the German speaking legal library also contains the NRWE judicature database. This is still being compiled and will provide all policy-making and indicative decisions unabbreviated and anonymous online in the future.

In the mean time more than 65.000 decisions have been entered. In addition you have the online database Acts of the Federation and the states available for free research.

Acts of the Federation and the States
Online database with nearly 3000 current acts and regulations of the Federation and federal states.

Judicature of  North Rhine-Westphalia
Research the most important decisions by all courts in North Rhine-Westphalia in full text.

International legal aid 
Online database with the decisive administrative rules in the area of international legal aid for criminal and civil issues. For civil matters you can also access legal databases both for legal aid and other international legal assistance.